Message in a teacup

What’s in the Teacup?

Making a teacup planter is easy once you have all the elements. See the list below:

How much do I need?
A china teacup or mug
Get down to the op shop or raid the back of your cupboard to find one that needs a new life!
One cup per person
A good quality potting mix or succulent mix if using cactus/succulents only.
You will need around 2/3 cup per person.
These can be annuals, herbs or succulents. You can purchase these from your favourite garden centre (or propagate your own!). I have found that portulaca, begonia, coleus and succulent cuttings have worked well.
You can have up to three seedling plants per cup. We suggest choosing plants with 6 or 8 to a punnet. (as right size)
Pebbles/small stones or activated charcoal for drainage
We don’t use drainage holes in the bottom of the cups, but use a few loose pebbles to act as a little reservoir and helps stop the planter getting too wet if its is over watered! Activated charcoal has very absorptive properties so can also remove any excess water and deter fungus growth. 
Just enough to cover the bottom of the cup. Around one to two tablespoons per cup.
Message tag
Download here or order here
One per cup
Numbered Finder tag
Download here or order here
One per cup
Ribbon or string
For tieing on the message tag
One length approx 20-30 cm long