Message in a teacup


Workshop feedback

The best thing that happened for me today  was: 

 “Meeting lovely people and play with beautiful sunshine and plants!”

Getting my fingers in some soil whilst chatting to strangers.”

“Looking around at all the smiles-the dopamine rush!”

“I loved today; I will do a random delivery of my plant when I feel the person is the one to receive it.”

98% strongly agreed  that making a teacup  boosted their mood

97% strongly agreed that the project has potential to positively impact on mental health in the community.

95% strongly agreed that the workshop has made them consider other ways to be kinds to others

99% strongly agreed that they would encourage others to participate in future workshops.

“I’m impressed how many ‘layers’ there are to it – mental health and wellbeing, reducing social isolation, spreading kindness, friendship, fellowship, increasing people’s confidence to re engage with community and lots of fun. You’ve done a great job designing it to appeal to diverse range of people.”

Community Development Officer , City of Mandurah

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