155. Be kind to your mind.

Sending you this message my BFF 💜 thank you for being you. I love you and I’m so proud of where you are in your life..:-$ you keep doing you stay strong believe your worth and succeed for you. Always and forever my girl xxx Rachel

103. Plant seeds of love wherever you go.

“A beautiful surprise from a lovely lady and her beautiful little girl. Thankyou so much, it made me well up with tears to think of the beautiful message of kindness that you have given to me, sending love to you both.” Helen xx

130. Always remember that you matter.

“The devine timing…. I found this at my front door as I was leaving to get some pain medication for a recent injury. it definitely put a big smile on my face. thank you so so much”. Kirrin x

78. Laugh loudly, love everyone, dream big!

It was a lovely surprise. My dog did bark last night and I wondered if someone was out there trying to break into my car. I looked but I couldn’t see anyone. Thank you for including us in your Message in a Teacup. Totally unexpected and very thoughtful. ~ Melissa

57. Be kind to your mind.

“What a delight to receive this message in Mental Health Week, thank you for thinking of me and making my day a little brighter. “😎 Meagan

5. You are beautiful just the way you are!

This brightened my day so much!! It’s a bit cloudy today and it gave me a little bit of sunshine. Thank you so so so much to my lovely teacup maker— your beautiful surprise is absolutely angelic. LOVE Eva

1. You are awesome!

“It was a day very close to my birthday, so I was thrilled to get such a wonderful message. I think the person who left me this lovely gift deserves a huge hug. Thank you, it made my day! xx